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Corporate Social Responsibility

Aware of its social responsibility, the World Chemical is taking some important steps to waste management. We recognize that proper chemical management is necessary to protect the health and safety of the factory and surrounding communities and the environment. We follow proper waste management and disposal procedures. The chemical wastes mainly include intermediates and by-products generated from R&D experiments. Any chemical waste is storage properly. The containers are correctly labeled. Container is selected prior to waste generation once it is determined that chemical waste will be generated. We do not use containers that are old, dented, damaged, leaking or cracked. For bulk solvent and aqueous liquid waste streams we use a Low Density Polyethylene Nalgene container. For bulk corrosive liquid waste streams we use the Justrite Safety Containers for waste disposal. These containers are specially designed for corrosive chemical waste and vent under emergency conditions. We do not store or accumulate bulk liquid corrosive chemical waste in any other container. Empty chemical containers are properly managed. Unwanted plasticware and broken glassware are packaged up and taken to the dumpster or recycling area. Waste containers remain closed or sealed at all times, except when waste is being added or removed from the container. Liquid waste containers are stored in secondary containment systems according to hazard class.


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The World Chemical Industry Limited

The World Chemical Industry Limited is a leading textile chemicals and auxiliaries manufacturers in Bangladesh. It is located 22 km north of Dhaka megacity beside the four-lane highway connecting the capital to the Mymensingh division.

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