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The World Chemical Industry limited is a leading textile chemicals manufacturer which is providing Textile Auxiliaries Chemicals in Bangladesh. The World Chemical industry is situated inside the Dhaka Gazipur We have started our journey in 2003 providing humble services to the customers and now after 17 years of successful operations, The World Chemical Industry limited has become a reputed and dependable textile chemicals  manufacturer in Bangladesh.

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The World Chemical Industry limited, our primary focus is on the development and production of consistent, high quality chemical products for all our customers


Vision Statement

The World Chemical Industry Limited believes in what it does. And it also strongly believes in what it can still do. Since 2003, this balance between tradition and innovation has transformed our work into a concept that is both solid and flexible, seeking to reinvent itself with every new challenge. The result is in the credibility and respect gained in the global market, as well as in different fields of activity that are increasingly approaching. We are recognized for making the company a better version day by day of what it has always been. The World Chemical Industry Limited is a company that really knows what it wants to achieve cannot always tread the same path. It must find new directions, push boundaries and discover the next challenge. Our company’s history begins with the track record of its founder, who, possessing extensive experience in the chemical sector. This is how our chemistry makes things happen: always in the right place at the right time.

Mission Statement

The World Chemical develops and produces the highest quality chemicals with a continued commitment to meet the market needs and standards at a revolutionary price while promoting socially-conscious business. We concentrate our efforts on the individual requirements of our customers.The World Chemical is committed to the Bangladesh National Environment Policy. It is developing products that consume less energy, last longer and incorporate recyclable materials is an important step towards achieving this aim.


Our Skills

We have a dedicated, skilled team of professionals that have a vast range of knowledge of the products and services that we provide, along with the provision of ‘hands-on’ processing experience too.

Technical support and customer service

Technical support and customer service is a key priority to ensuring we can achieve the right product for our customers’ requirements. We provide ‘in-house’ evaluation and testing procedures for the all the major Textile Auxiliaries Chemicals. This level of service provides fast and effective feedback, of which, detailed Technical Reports and essential documents can be conveyed directly and rapidly through modern communication systems.

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Sizing of the warp yarn is essential to reduce breakage of the yarn and thus production stops on the weaving machine. On the weaving machine, the warp yarns are subjected to several types of actions i.e. cyclic strain, flexing, abrasion at various loom parts and inter yarn friction.
The World Chemical Industry limited products contains of a wide range of chemicals formulated for sizing and weaving applications. The product range is positioned to support the high speed processing of all types of staple and filament yarn.