About Us

ABOUT THE CONTENT OF The world Chemical industry.

Experience of our Company

We have adopted modern Lean Manufacturing techniques to ensure our processes and products have the minimum impact upon the environment through reduced waste and providing our customers with more efficiently produced goods of continual high quality.

Our firm foundations and years of experience within the textile chemical industry allow us to provide products and services at realistically competitive prices.

We have a dedicated, skilled team of professionals that have a vast range of knowledge of the products and services that we provide, along with the provision of ‘hands-on’ processing experience too.

Our vast range of products are based on years of experienced research and development and along with our mainstream products, we also have the ability to develop and manufacture bespoke products to suit any specific requirements.  We stock a diverse range of raw materials to ensure versatility and flexibility for our customers rather than over - stocking finished goods; this allows us to provide a very responsive turn-around time from the moment your order is placed with us.